A homemade terrine – impossible to make in less than 12 hours? Nay!

A friend’s housewarming invitation turned out to be a session of OMG!-this-is-amazing-yet-how-did-you-do-it?!.

He had made a delicious chicken and pork terrine in less than 6 hours with his pressure cooker – a feat I thought would’ve been impossible, but he did it!

The only issue was getting it out of the mould. We arrived to hear the most insistent banging that rang out and shook one’s bones like a church bell.

After watching the circus performance amongst a number of people trying their best to get the terrine out without mangling it – heating it, freezing it, I asked if I might have a go.

Carefully sliding a knife blade down the sides, I began wriggling it around till I heard the quick *slurp* of air rushing in to break the suction – the culprit I suspected was the cause of the frustration. Elementary, my dear Watson!

I handed it back to our host to give it another good hard knock. And out it slid, like a baby’s bottom and into our bellies.

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