Adriano Zumbo Pâtissier @ The Star, Sydney


We visited Adriano Zumbo Pâtissier. Be jealous. Be very jealous.

The SO had to listen to me bounce up and down in the car, babbling like a 5 year old about how much I couldn’t wait to visit Adriano Zumbo Pâtissier. After watching this madman – that’s what the SO has nicknamed him, because let’s face it, only a madman can come up with the Willy Wonka crazy desserts Adriano Zumbo does – cart in mind-boggling confections every Masterchef Australia season, I wanted to taste them sooooo much for myself.

I was somewhat disappointed we wouldn’t have a chance to try the dessert train, but once I saw those bright ice-cream-Moulin-Rouge-ish Zumbo lights, I was skipping and dancing right up to the door.

The shop front is adorable! Each dessert on offer is displayed under a clear lamp shade cover or in clear glass cases (which remind me of those break-in-an-emergency type panels), accented by bursts of colour.

It took me awhile to make my selection, because everything looked so amazing… but here’s my loot.

The V8 Cake

When I saw this in the window, I could not pass it up.

The V8 cake is – as some of the Masterchef contestants who underwent the pressure test to recreate this would  call it – eight layers of hell: vanilla crème chantilly, toasted vanilla brulee, vanilla water gel, vanilla ganache, vanilla macaron, vanilla dacquoise, vanilla chiffon cake and vanilla almond crunch.

I love that this cake, despite the amount of vanilla in it – is not sickeningly sweet. The only element I would’ve been happy to not have had is the tempered white chocolate squares that hug the outside of the cake. But then again, I’ve never been much of a white chocolate fan.

Click to view the Masterchef episode with Adriano Zumbo's V8 cake

Don’t believe this cake is a nightmare to make? Watch the Masterchef Australia episode that made the V8 cake famous.

Cookies and Cream Millefeuille

The SO opted for the Cookies and Cream Millefeuille. It is cookie legere, chocolate flourless biscuit, vanilla and biscuit pannacotta and caramelised puff pastry. The puff pastry actually didn’t seem to have any puff to it and while brittle, made it more difficult to stab at the dessert with a fork.

Tiramisu Bun

However, of the trio, the Tiramisu Bun is my favorite.

This baby is made of choux pastry, vanilla café chantilly, cherry gel, mascarpone légère, café crunch with Savoiardi biscuit and a café glaze. It is AH-May-ZING and I dearly wished I had some coffee to go with it when I dug into it, but hey! I’m still happy!

I just love that even the receipt has that level of detail: Eat Sweet, Keep Baking.


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