Taste Baguette And Grill on Darling Harbour, Sydney

Taste Baguette started in Surry Hills, but now has several outlets throughout Sydney. They have a reputation for fresh French cuisine and we were definitely hoping they would deliver on a better breakfast that the one we had the day before. We were going to need it for our big day at Taronga Zoo.

Taste Baguette And Grill on Darling Harbour was the closest outlet to our hotel – only a short walk and thankfully open on a cloudy Sunday morning.

The cafe already had a brisk line of people aching for their morning cuppa joe, so rather than join the line, we opted to sit in for breakfast.

The furniture is an eclectic collection of antique pieces from a variety of periods and styles, yet put together, it seemed to work and I found myself being able to settle into the space comfortably.

Their breakfast menu only has nine items, so it didn’t take too long for us to make our order.

Ruby grapefruit juice. AUD$5.50

The Taste Big Brekky. AUD$18

The Taste Big Brekky comes with bacon, chorizo sausage, roast tomato, mushrooms, two fried eggs and sourdough toast. The SO dug in and declared it was a much better breakfast than the one before.

Muesli trifle. AUD$16

On the other hand, I craved something lighter and went with the muesli trifle.

When it arrived, my eyes went wide and my jaw dropped. The plate was HUUUUUUGE! Not that I was complaining, but man! It was definitely going to take me awhile to finish my breakfast.

My muesli trifle is loaded with fresh goodness! Fresh halved strawberries, blueberries, julienned green apple, sheep’s milk yoghurt, honey, dates and almonds – the perfect start to a gorgeous day at the Taronga Zoo.


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