A poor breakfast at Baker’s Oven Cafe, The Rocks (Sydney)

Sunday morning in Sydney and we were hunting like rabid dogs for breakfast at 9am.

But where were the cafés serving breakfasts?! Sydney city seemed a ghost town with the streets relatively empty and shop doors shut. Even Brisbane isn’t as dead as this on a Sunday.

We kept our eyes peeled for a breakfast place enroute to the Rocks, but by the time we found anything open, I was grumpy with hunger and was ready to gnaw the SO’s head off if he even looked at me the wrong way.

Baker’s Oven Cafe was the first place we encountered that was open and the SO practically dragged me inside to preserve his own skin. I don’t blame him – a hungry man is an angry man, or in this case, Mel.

The staff greeted us warmly enough and asked where we would like to seated: the booth style or alfresco seats up front, or in the courtyard out back. The alfresco seats were getting baked by the sunshine and the booth seats were beside a very busy and busy thoroughfare in front of the order counter, so we trooped to the back.

The courtyard out back is lovely and relaxed. On a perfect day, the large white canopy above shelters punters from the hardest sunshine. Each table was already armed with salt shakers and black pepper crackers.

We were given several minutes to peruse the menu and made our orders quickly.

Big breakfast. AUD$20

We overheard patrons at the next table ask if the eggs used were fresh or liquid eggs (eugh!), to which the waitress insisted the eggs were fresh. One of the guests asked if she could then have poached eggs, to which the reply is ‘no’ – only scrambled or fried eggs.

The SO had the Big Breakfast, which he said tasted ok, but wasn’t great. Compared to the breakfasts he usually gets in Melbourne, he found it small and quipped it seemed everything was arranged on the plate to take up as much as possible to look as ‘big’ as possible.

Organic scrambled eggs with sourdough toast and vine ripened tomatoes. AUD$13

I found my scrambled eggs piss poor without any flavour – unless I lavished it with generous amounts of salt. The SO suspects they might have a highly ratio of egg white to egg yolk in the scrambled egg mix, which might explain the taste. I had to push my plate away with more than half the portion untouched.

The toast on the other hand, was good and about the only thing that tasted of anything.

I was also unimpressed by only having half a fresh tomato served with a sprinkling of fried herbs. The menu item clearly stated the scrambled eggs came with tomato-ES. That’s plural, therefore more than one.

We also ordered lattes to wash everything down. Those were good and more bitter than I’m used to.

Apparently coffees are not the only beverage available with breakfast at Baker’s Oven Cafe. We were very surprised to see a patron at a nearby table order a Heineken. Breakfast beer is available???

While service was friendly, it didn’t make up for the poor meal we were served.


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