L’Occitane’s Crème Ultra Riche Corps Karité Rose Du Desert review

An ex-colleague asked me out to lunch and after, dragged me down to L’Occitane to pick up something she needed for an upcoming trip. For her purchase, the SA gave her a couple of samples, which she gave me one as well.

Now I’m not particularly a fan of L’Occitane products, but I have adored their Peony Eau de Toilette. I bought a bottle of it for the said ex-colleague for Christmas one year, but never picked up a bottle for myself since I am already drowning in perfume – in bottles, not on me.

Anyway, the sample is their Crème Ultra Riche Corps Karité Rose Du Desert (Desert Rose).

Said to be concentrated in Shea Butter (25%) and in moisturising extracts, this moisturiser is limited edition.

I like how quickly it absorbs into the skin, moisturising it without leaving that sticky residue. As you can see, it’s a fairly stiff mousse texture, so a little can go a long way. I’ve been able to slather my arms and legs twice with the sample.

Scented with Moroccan rose, which is less sweet but every bit delicately floral. It is a tad heavy on the scent initially, so might not be suitable with a particularly sensitive nose, but it does dies down after about 10 mins.

Please ignore the growing bruise on my leg – I am trés clumsy and have on occasion, walked into walls in our apartment. And we’ve been living here for years.