Jackie M Malaysian Cuisine @ Concord, NSW

Header - This establishment is now closed

I’ve been following owner Jackie on Twitter for a short while now and salivating at her Jackie M Malaysian Cuisine related tweets – was it any surprise I wanted to visit her restaurant while we were in Sydney? Unfortunately it is only opened for dinner Thursday, Friday and Saturday, so we only had one chance to dine there this trip.

Never having been outside Sydney city centre on our previous Sydney travels, I prayed to the Google Navigator gods as we wound our way through the suburbs we’d find Jackie M Malaysian Cuisine without much delay – I was starving!

Upon arriving, we had a hard time finding parking – just about every carpark and side street was chockers. If you’re planning your own trip down, factor this into your timing. Who knew Concord would be so popular for dining punters?

Thankfully I had already made reservations, so  we could go straight to ordering our dinner once we had found a suitable parking spot.

Otak-otak. AUD$8

The otak-otak was not my first entrée choice (popiah was), but I am glad I got to try it. The otak-otak came still wrapped in the banana leaf casing – stapled together, rather than the bamboo skewer or toothpick. While it is not as red as I would usually be used to, it was not too spicy. But I adored that it was really moist and juicy. So yummy!

Beef rendang. AUD$17

The SO is particularly picky about his beef rendang. He likes the drier version and he loves it when it packs the full-flavoured punch. I unfortunately haven’t been able to recreate his perfect beef rendang at home, so he’s only been able to get it when we make trips to Singapore, Malaysia or Jakarta.

Not one to give up easily, the SO steeled himself and ordered the beef rendang and coconut rice. It was the first dish to arrive at our table with little ceremony or garnish. But you know what, it doesn’t need any pomp. As the SO said after his first mouthful, it’s damn shiok!

Chicken Mutabak. AUD$18

I on the other hand, opted for the mutabak with chicken. This is another favorite of the SO’s and after the long drive, I figured the man deserved to have everything and eat it. This dish came with a dhal curry, achar and fresh cucumbers. I was not keen on the curry and the mutabak certainly didn’t need it, so I was happy to just dig into the Indian stuffed pancake.

This was much more chicken than prata – not that I’m complaining. It’s perfect for a super hungry person or two to share, but I had to abandon ship with the last two slices still haunting the plate.

Durian smoothie

As we were munching away, Jackie’s Maitre D @borneo_vee and another staffer asked if we liked durian. At the shake of my head, they gasped and teased, asking if I was really a Singaporean. When I tried to explain I simply couldn’t eat more than a single durian piece (I would fall ill if I did), they roared with laughter and said I should nonetheless sample their durian smoothie.

This potent beverage was actually gorgeous! It held a light consistency with a fantastic balance of creaminess and durian flavour. Even the SO tried more than a spoonful – and he HATES durians.

Not pictured is the teh tarik (pulled milky tea) we had to warm our hands and bellies. It was not tarik-ed, but nice without being the (often) sickeningly sweet concoction many places back in Singapore/Malaysia would make them.

After dinner, I got the chance to chat with Jackie and finally meet the person I’ve tweeted with in the flesh. Which is always a little daunting for me, since you never quite know whether the person online is as you’d expect in real life. Turns out she was absolutely lovely, despite looking and being tired from an extremely busy long day.

I would love to dine at Jackie M Malaysian Cuisine again, but it might be awhile till we make another trip to Sydney. You Sydneysiders have it so lucky!


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