Grabbing a pie at Fredo Pies @ Frederickton, NSW enroute to Sydney

The SO asked what I would like to do over the long Labour Day weekend, which coincided with my birthday. I mulled over it before deciding we should take a roadtrip to Sydney. A 12 hour drive? No problem! We’ve driven to and from Melbourne in our trusty Hyundai Getz several years backs. Sydney should be a breeze!

But as luck would have it, I came down with a fever of 38.7°C on Thursday and Friday – rendering me a uncontrollable shivering mess. My eyeballs felt like they were cooking in my skull and the only thing I could do was sleep, drink fluids and try not to kill too many brain cells.

Thankfully I felt well enough to hop into the car on Saturday, but the poor SO spent most of the trip listening to music, while I was curled up trying to stave off more of the virus/germs with more sleep – my only guaranteed cure for whenever I come down with something.

But I did stay awake long enough to decide we should stop at Fredo Pies in Frederickton, NSW to grab something for lunch.

Fredo Pies has a couple of huge billboards along the highway, but it’s not out of the way. The SO and I kept our eyes peeled as we navigated through the small town of Frederickton till we found their quirky store.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was sure I was not expecting the huge range of pies they had to offer: beef, chicken,   pork in a mind-boggling range of flavours, and kangaroo! I didn’t see their famed crocodile pie, but there were enough flavours spread out to make one truly spoilt for choice – 160 pies! I didn’t count, but I’ll take their word for it.

I opted for the Beef Thai Chilli. There’s not much Thai-ness or chilli-ness to this flavour, but the beef is chunky and the gravy really thick. One had me filled for the rest of the afternoon.

I’ve heard their pies are not gluten free, but the Café 73 next door apparently has some gluten-free options for those who travel with celiac sufferers.

Just don’t forget to look out for their Marilyn Monroe!

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