Bloggers’ dinner at Bavarian Bier Café’s Pure Bier Fest

Bavarian Bier Café’s annual bier festival, Pure Bier Fest is back this May! A small group of bloggers were invited to enjoy some delicious Bavarian fare and the Pure Bier available during the festival.

What is the Pure Bier Fest?

It is a month-long celebration of the German Bier Purity Law (Reinheitsgebot) – a 1516 legislation declares that pure German bier can only contain four ingredients – hops, malt, yeast and water. That’s right: no additives, preservatives or fancy-smancying around. Bavarian Bier Café has brought in some limited edition biers especially for the Fest: the Paulaner Salvator and Hacker-Pschorr Braumeister Pils biers.


We were presented with a glass of Hacker-Pschorr each on arrival and this one is such easy drinking. It’s quite clean and not bitter. If you’re generally not one for beer or you prefer your beers mild (or perhaps ease into a long night of beer with a mellow one), this is one for you.

And then, there’s the samplers.

We started with the Löwenbräu Original – a gorgeous golden creamy barley beer with a mild bitterness.

The Paulaner Premium Pils is probably my favorite from the trio – it’s made of barley and has a crisp finish.

The Franziskaner Hefe Weissbier is by far, the weirdest one. Unlike the other two beers, this is wheat and smells strongly of bananas. It totally blew my mind and I could not take the mental image of my sourdough yeasts (which smell like bananas too) out of my brain whenever I took a sip.

Samples of baby onion & carmelised beetroot tartlet, heirloom tomato salad, chucky chicken terrine, black forest ham and flammenbrot

The heirloom tomato salad is lovely (fresh heirloom tomatoes rarely disappointed IMO) and I can forgive that the chicken terrine isn’t chunky as advertised, but does deliver in the flavour department.

Baked lamb shanks with bacon, onion and cheese baked potato

Each diner was presented one of the following three options: the lamb shanks, the beef cheeks or the chicken sausages. I initially oo-ed and ah-ed at the beef cheeks, but was awarded the lamb shanks instead. And I was glad of it!

The baked lamb shanks is quite a large portion, with two shanks balanced on a brilliantly baked halved potato. When it was placed in front of me, I almost imploded with salivation from the smell alone. The flesh was a little dry, but falls off the bone easily.

Hofbrau Dunkel braised beef cheeks on a bed of mash

The SO got the Hofbrau Dunkel braised beef cheeks, which were relatively small compared to the ones I get at the supermarket and prepare at home, but it is well cooked and falls apart with ease. The bed of mash has an orange tinge to it, so I suspect there might be sweet potato in it as well.

Chicken tarragon sausage with fresh garden salad


Baked Rouzaire Coulommier, truffled honey and warm fruit bread

This dessert was unfortunately a bit much by the end of the meal – I could barely fit another mouthful, but I had to give it a good shot. The Baked Rouzaire Coulommier with truffled honey was yum! I could’ve nibbled the cheese and licked the honey all evening.

The fruit bread on the other hand, tasted too strongly of anise/licorice and I am NOT a fan of that spice. I had to put my slice down after an initial nibble and stuck with the cheese and honey.

Paulaner Salvator

What else can you expect over the Pure Bier festivities?

Pure Bier lovers need not fear the return to the daily grind, with Monday night Bier Flights aiding you back into the working week – a $10 Bier Flight gets you a selection of Bavarian ales and lagers.

Think you can slam down a mega pork schnitzel? The ultimate Lowenschnitzel eating challenge will stretch bellies across Brisbane on Tuesday night, with a bier on the house if you get to the last gulp.

Pure Bier taste challenges will test the most hoppy taste buds on a Wednesday night, pitching Pure Bier against your, ahem, ‘standard’ Aussie beers (not biers).

Thursdays will see the return of the Bier Akademies, run by Bavarian Bier Café’s own bier meisters who will be teaching bier lovers everything they need to know about Pure Bier.

Bier & Beats featuring DJ music will get patrons in the mood to wind down the working week on Fridays.

Oh, and the Bavarian Bier Café has issued a bier challenge: guests can participate in a challenge and earn tallies against their name on the Bavarian Bier Café blackboard. At the end of the Pure Bier Fest, the winning Man or Woman will receive an invitation into the Stein Club, an exclusive invite only bier club, and the accolade of their name represented on a stein in the venue.

I don’t know if the official challenge will the same as the one manager Dan gave us, but we were asked to see if we could distinguish between a shot glass of Pure Bier and Crown Lager. The only people at the table who won were Emma of An Empty Stomach Is the Best Cook and her partner, so it goes to show I am most definitely not a bier connoisseur and won’t be getting that stein.

Are you up to the Pure Bier challenge?


Disclaimer: I was an invited guest of Bavarian Bier Café and Cocom. Thanks for a great evening!