Karma Indian & Nepalese Cuisine restaurant review

One of the great things about being part of the Couchsurfing community is that you have the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life.

However it isn’t often we get messages from interstate travellers just looking to have a drink and dinner with locals. Ordinarily we would decline the invitation, but seeing as this traveller’s profile sounded like he would be up our alley, we agreed to meet up in Fortitude Valley.

What we initially thought would just be a simple dinner and a drink with just another person, turned out to be a night of Indian food and intense conversation about almost everything with 3 other people at New Farm’s Karma Indian & Nepalese Cuisine.

The restaurant has a lush decor with a range of seating areas. It’s al fresco dining area is right next to the busy Brunswick Street, which is nice if you enjoy people-watching and don’t mind the sounds of traffic interrupting your dinner conversation.

Once you navigate your way inside in the bowels of the restaurant, you are offered the choice between normal table and chairs, or a corner with low tables and benches covered with assorted cushions in a rainbow of colour for those flexible enough to sit Indian-style.

The menu might not have photos, but each item is thoughtfully laid out with appropriate descriptions to make decision-making for the uninitiated to Indian cuisine easier. Our party opted to order a dish each to share.

Mango lassi


Chilli fish. AUD$17.90


Basmati Biryani (chicken). AUD$15.90


Balti (chicken). AUD$14.90


Palak Paneer. AUD$12.90


Garlic naan. AUD$3.90

Of all the dishes, I loved the Chilli Fish (hot spicy) and the Briyani with chicken (medium spicy). The medium and hot spiciness levels are very tolerable for those used to the heat, so I wonder if the restaurant staff put us on the wussy scale.

And Palak Paneer might not be the prettiest of the lot, but damn. I love the stuff. This one is adequate, though is not the best I’ve tasted.

Service is extremely attentive, so I certainly wouldn’t mind visiting Karma Indian & Nepalese Cuisine restaurant again.

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