There’s a new winter menu at Pablo

A surprise call from friends @luke_wc_m and @memissmanda gave us a chance to try the new winter menu at Pablo.

I was thrilled to see the brioche French toast with golden syrup roasted figs & homemade Turkish delight ice-cream is now a menu regular, which was really tempting, but the other new items were beckoning.

Savoury mince with smoked speck & cherry tomatoes, herbed crème fraiche, lemon, sourdough toast. AUD$15

While the boys went with their usual Tasmanian smoked salmon, @memissmanda went with her first choice and seemed to really savour her savoury mince with smoked speck & cherry tomatoes.

Bubble & squeak, los dos hermanos chorizo chipolatas, smoked tomato compote, fried egg and sourdough toast. AUD$16

I on the other hand, decided I had to try their Bubble & squeak, a tower of potato and vegetables topped with a delicious smoked tomato compote.

Have you tried the new winter menu at Pablo?