Not getting yum cha at Landmark

The last time I visited Landmark in Sunnybank was back in 2008 and I still remember the experience. A friend had suggested we catch up over lunch and while I found the dim sum ‘oooooook’, I was truely disappointed they did not have ‘har gao‘ and ‘siew mai‘. It’s like  Japan without sushi, Korea without kimchi, or Canada without maple syrup – inconceivable!

However a get-together dinner with ex-colleagues went awry when the original restaurant we were to go to just would not be found. The SO and I circled the area, checked Google maps, called the restaurant whose waitress gave shit-all instructions.

We weren’t the only ones either, so after a quick discussion, we abandoned the aforementioned restaurant to have dinner at Landmark instead.

I hadn’t been to Landmark for dinner before, so I was not sure what to expect. One of our party cackled away to the waitress in Cantonese to work out what to order and without too much discussion, the food started coming.

True to the Chinese banquet style, we started with a clear chicken broth. It was ok – better than plain water, but not as flavoursome as it could be. The chicken was also in bits and nothing else, so everyone got a little bit of the protein. Is it meant to be a palate cleanser? Maybe.

Prawn crackers? Meh.

Spring rolls? Meh.

We had three different stir-fries – all of which were good and reminded me somewhat of home.

However, the stirfried beans with diced mushrooms gets an extra mention, because it was amazing. If the entire meal only had rice and this dish, I would’ve been happy. Ordinarily this dish might be more traditionally served without the mushrooms and with pork mince. But the mushrooms lend its yummy umami-ness and the animal protein wasn’t missed at all.

It’s been too long since I last had fish in an Asian style. Catching a whiff of the fragrant steam of soy and fish brings back memories of my mother slaving in the kitchen everyday to bring out piping hot healthy food to the table.

This barbecue pork and duck are delicious! The duck skin is gorgeously crispy and. It’s not the best to the stuff you can get back in Asia, but pretty darn close enough.

The fruit? Meh.

I don’t know what this dessert is, but it has barley and cooked egg white in it.

Overall, dinner at Landmark was satisfying with a couple of hits and misses. Service was very quick. Granted this was over the Easter break and we were one of about 6-7 tables, so it was not a mad crowd. The wait staff were also quite accommodating and happy to recommend dishes, which would be suitable for our group’s vegetarian member.


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