Grill’d Wintergarden launch party says ‘Helloooooo Brisbane!’

I was invited to the Grill’d Healthy Burgers Wintergarden launch party, where attendees got to check out the new space, kick the tyres of the new concept and sample the burgers – all wrapped in a good time.

… no, not that kind of good time.

But I promise if you make it to the end of this post, I have an AWESOME surprise for you.

Please please please notice how awesome that chandelier of spatulas are! Or do you call them ‘egg flips’? I want that exact same thing in my own kitchen, so I never have to rummage through my kitchen drawers for another spatula ever again.

The new restaurant is twice the size of any other Grill’d restaurant and is able to hold about 250 people.

Dining areas are somewhat split into 2 sections (though everyone’s free to mingle wherever): the booth and table set up that is familiar to Grill’d patrons, and the more open bench and pub booth setup that is more reminiscent of a beer garden.

This beer garden style area overlooks Queen Street and is perfect for after work drinks with a bunch of friends. The fact it is very literally a hop and skip to the full service bar has nothing to do with why I tried to park myself there early in the evening.

The wall decor is still in the same quirky madcap adventure style Grill’d has in its other outlets – something I’ve often found myself reading and enjoying everytime I hit a different Grill’d outlet.

And yes, you still get the same happy bubbly faces. Staff were run off their feet, but were absolutely gorgeous in pumping out food and drink to the hungry horde.

And this also appears to be part of the great experiment. Some staff had this wrist order pad, which will work in part with the burger and drink counters.

Grill’d’s signature cocktail ‘Lick the Mule‘ was the first to greet us and is quite lovely, though it went straight to my head on an empty stomach. The vanilla flavour really comes through and is quite refreshing.

And this drink also comes in the lightweight version: Bundaberg Mule – perfect for Oct-sober participants, yes?

And while I was very excited to try the frozen Rekorderlig cider, I was mildly disappointed the only flavor available was the wild berry – my least favorite flavour from the range. However I was assured other slushy flavours would be available, including my favorite (and a few ladies I know) – strawberry and lime!

Warmed olives


Chicken satay meatballs

How do the new tapas items match up the wealth of tapas available in a number of the city’s other dining establishments?

To be honest, I don’t know. Out of the five items, I only got to try two of them: the warmed olives (a little too oily) and the chicken satay (average).

What’s a little bit different is that here at the Wintergarden, they are trialling a new type of plate – one with ridges to prevent juices from soaking up in burger buns and turning them soggy. Will it work? It seemed to with our slider style burgers, but hey! Will your delicious burger even stay on the plate long enough to even drip?

But what about the food? Menu veterans, like the Summer Sunset, Simply Grill’d and Bird & Brie are still as yummy as you find them at any other Grill’d outlet.

Summer sunset: grilled grass fed lean beef, avocado, crispy trim bacon, golden pineapple, salad relish and herbed mayo


Simply Grill'd: grilled grass fed lean beef, salad, relish and herbed mayo


Grill'd Bird & Brie: grilled chicken breast, brie cheese, thick cranberry sauce, salad and herbed mayo


Unfortunately we were not able to try the Goat’s Cheese & Hummus, as they had run out of lamb. But we got a crack at the Hot Hombre and Perfect Pear.

Hot Hombre: Grilled chicken breast, chilli black bean salsa, tasty cheese, avocado, tomato, Spanish onion and crispy tortilla chip

The Hot Hombre packs a punch! I certainly wasn’t quite expecting the spiciness this burger delivers, but it is brilliant! The tortilla chip adds a fantastic textural difference. I will definitely be coming back for more of this baby.

Perfect Pear: grilled chicken breast, poached pear, fig paste, avocado, spanish onion, rocket and shaved parmesan

OK, so here is where I admit the SO and I were really excited to try this. Like ‘wetting-our-pants’ excited. Like when I casually asked him which new burger he wanted to try and he answered “Perfect Pear“, my immediate emotionally charged response was ‘DAMN YOU!”.

However having tasted the Perfect Pear burger, I am now unsure if this would ever replace one of our Grill’d favorites, the Bird & Brie. The poached pear in the Perfect Pear is really quite sweet and we agreed this would be a ‘dessert burger’ – if one ever existed.

Just about the only thing we found missing were drink coasters. Which in the grand scheme of things is a tiny forgivable offence for an otherwise stellar casual dining joint to add to our city.

Disclaimer: I was an invited guest of Grill’d and P4.

Grill'D Healthy Burgers Restaurant (Wintergarden) on Urbanspoon


Yay!!! You made it to the end!

So here’s the surprise: thanks to the generosity of Grill’d and P4, I have FIVE Free Burger Golden Tickets to give away! These are only for the Grill’d Wintergarden Brisbane eat-in diners, so Sydneysiders and Melbournites… thhhbbbbbbbbtttt. (^_~)-☆

If you have a healthy imagination, picture me dancing a jig. This is my FIRST giveaway, so be gentle with me.

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