GRAM Magazine hits Brisbane

So excuse the retarded and low-res photos. I was (a) too excited to share, (b) too lazy to set up a tripod for my camera, and (c) too naive to think the camera on my Macbook Air would suffice.

I also just realised the camera took the image in mirror-image after I posted this. Urgh!

But can you blame me?! GRAM magazine has finally hit Brisbane and while it took me awhile to find some copies (I got mine outside Sugar N’ Spice Cafe on Adelaide Street, a real charmer of a cafe), it was worth the hunt.

Inside this first issue is my second breakfast at Pablo blog article, with cameos by Erushi and HP… they are going to kill me! (^_^;;)

The first issue looks fantastic – the cover is bananas, one of Queensland’s key fruit industries (though you will never see me eat a Cavendish willingly). They have found some great local bloggers and I already have my eye on visiting a couple of the establishments featured in this issue.

Pick up an issue at this locations: Brisbane CBD, Brisbane North, Brisbane South, Brisbane East and Brisbane West.