DIY Manicure – OPI Dutch Tulips

Enroute to work one morning, the SO oh-so-casually said: “Oh, are you going to order any OPI nail polishes on Catch of the Day today?”


First of all, the SO hates it when I’m doing anything to my nails. He detests the smell of polishes and remover, and will whinge if I’m sitting in front of the telly giving myself a manicure during Big Bang Theory or the Project.

So for him to even tell me there’s a nail polish sale going on is HUGE!

So I freeze. I very slowly look at him sitting next to me without turning my head. I don’t wanna spook him.

“Erm, what do you mean?”, I ask.

Catch of the Day is holding a 3 hour sale of OPI nail polishes, he calmly replies.

“Sooo… you’re telling me this, so I can buy polishes?”.
My heart is pounding.
I’m holding my breath.

“… yah? They’re like… cheaper, right?”

Holy shit, am I in the Twilight Zone? Have aliens kidnapped my husband and replaced him with a clone?

Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I would’ve beat Sonic the Hedgehog in a race to log onto the website to online shop. There was a great range of reds and pinks, which is perfect as my current collection of ‘normal’ colours are Revlon Nail Enamel in Craving Coral and Revlon Red, OPI’s No Bees Please and Season’s Screenings, and China Glaze’s Wild Strawberry. Everything else I have are a tad more… well, less normal.

Welcome OPI’s Dutch Tulips to the collection! It looks like a pink-based red in the bottle, but wears as a gorgeous bright blue-based red that isn’t vampy or trashy. I’ve heard women with very pale skin can still wear this colour well.

But like all brights, once there’s a chip, it really shows. You either need to repair it (if it’s minor) or remove it completely immediately.

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