Dim Sum Delights @ Robina on the Gold Coast

A reader recently recommended I try Dim Sum Delights out in Robina at the Gold Coast. Never one to turn a recommendation down, the SO and I took a drive down over the weekend to check the place out.

Let me start with: it’s not in a particularly obvious location. It’s not in a large shopping mall or suburb centre. Dim Sum Delights is in a small cluster of cafes and businesses in what looks like a peaceful suburb, surrounded by homes with well-tended lawns and a good scattering of trees.

However, there is nothing quiet about Dim Sum Delights. We arrived to find the restaurant packed to the max with tables (both inside and out) filled with large tables of families and friends chattering away.

After a quick peek inside to find not a spare table in sight, a chirpy waitress asked if we had reservations (no) and if we would mind sitting outside at the only available table (nope!).

Once seated and tea was ordered, the food kept coming out quick and piping hot. Given how small the restaurant was, the waitresses brought out up to 4 types of dim sum on trays to customers, rather than the traditional pushcarts. Even though we were seated outside, we never felt forgotten or ignored by the service staff. Quite the contrary and this was in spite of being extremely busy.

Fried pork ribs

Braised pork ribs

Har gao. (虾饺) (Steamed prawn dumplings)

Braised chicken feet

Char siew baos (BBQ pork buns)

Chee cheong fun” (猪肠粉) (Steamed rice noodles with prawns)

Funnily enough, the siew mai (烧卖) never made an appearance and I didn’t miss it.

Everything else, with the exceptions below, were excellent. The steamed prawn dumplings (har gao/虾饺) were larger than what’s traditional, but the prawns inside burst with sweet fresh juiciness. And the char siew bao were not dripping in oozy sauce – a perfect balance of sweet and savory.

My disappointments were the braised pork ribs and the “chee cheong fun” (猪肠粉). While they serve the traditional Cantonese “chee cheong fun” (猪肠粉) version, the rice noodles were too thick and sticky. The braised pork ribs on the other hand, had the unfortunate pleasure of having followed by the fried pork ribs, which were much more flavourful.

The prices range from small ($3.50), medium ($4.00), medium-large ($4.80), large ($5.80) and special ($6.80). There is also a category for ‘kitchen’, but I have no idea what that meant and didn’t think to ask. For our 8 dishes and tea, the total charge was AUD$46.60, so it is not particularly expensive nor ridiculously cheap. Coupled with such lovely service by staff like Tiffany, it doesn’t surprise why people would recommend and frequent Dim Sum Delights.

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