Saying (and singing) “Prost!” at the Brisbane German Club

Why on earth did we wait this long to visit the Brisbane German Club?

I mean, we have a LOT of friends who frequent it, yet we have never been there before. It took one spur of the moment invitation from a couchsurfing friend to meet him there after work and we were pretty blown away.

Located in Woolloongabba, the club is run not much differently from a Surfer’s Club. Except the obvious – it’s German.

The building itself isn’t much to look at. Depending on what day of the week and time you rock up, there might be a queue of people signing themselves and/or their guests in. It’s $5 for a social annual membership, which allows you to sign a guest in. But the staff don’t go into much detail about the membership benefits. Besides, access to German beer and food. Duh.

To say their beer selection is extensive is an understatement. Let’s just say they have a shitload of beer. With no idea what half of them were, we simply closed our eyes and randomly pointed to a different tap label to ask for a pint of it. Keep your eyes peeled for the 12% eisbock beer, which comes with a warning consumers are only allowed a maximum of 2 bottles per DAY.

Pork Knuckle - slow roasted pork hock w/fried potatoes, sauerkraut & smoked beer gravy. AUD$25.90

The SO and I have heard the amazing tales of Brisbane German Club‘s schweinshaxe – roasted pock knuckle. Having sampled the real deal in Germany, we were curious if the version in Brisbane would match up.

People of Brisbane, rejoice! It might not be the most top notch schweinshaxe Germany might be able to offer, but by crikey, it certainly comes darn close.

It’s not the biggest pork knuckle we’ve seen, but the sizes the Club churn out of the kitchen are not to be sniffed at. Small eaters, order at your own peril! These crunchy crackle covered hocks top a bed of saukeraut and herbed roast potatoes, a meal fit for the meatiest of meat eaters.

Pork Belly - Coal roasted w/buttered parsley potatoes braised sweet red cabbage & sour cherry port sauce. AUD$24.90

And the pork belly… I am drooling in its memory.

This is served as a 1.5″ wide slice with most of its fat rendered away, alongside a red cabbage that adds a delicate sweetness to the smokey sexiness of pork.

Just look at that soft pork that pulls apart… As Homer Simpson would say, “Ulggggggh”.

Of course if you’re visiting the Brisbane German Club, you cannot miss Andrew, The Entertainer. The man is a one-man band with the motherload reportaire of songs at his fingertips. ACDC? Got it. 80s retro? Been there, done that. Lady Gaga? Oh yah. I’ve been told there is virtually no song he cannot jam to. Kids and adults boogie to his tunes with as much abandon as he pumps them out, so families with energetic kids would appreciate their kids tuckering themselves out on the dancefloor.

I definitely think we’ll be dropping by the Brisbane German Club more regularly from now on.

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