Eat A Pocket – a pita pocket breakfast at the West End Farmers Market

Of late, I’ve been stopping at Eat A Pocket’s yellow food truck at West End’s Farmers Market in Davies Park when in need of a breakfast hit. That is code for ‘I woke up too late to fix us some breakfast’ or ‘We need to get to the markets NOW!’.

While the SO has a regular hankering for bacon and egg muffins in the morning, I much prefer something as substantial, but with less animal protein that early in the day. Greasy food can taste awesome, but the warm summer weather coax the taste buds towards the crisp and leafy.

And while I’m not a hardcore organic produce consumer or vegetarian, I certainly wouldn’t sniff my nose at food made of organic and spray free produce.

This is my usual: half a pita pocket with the works (AUD$8.50). This small pocket is stuffed with fresh salad, falafel, tahini and because I love it, chilli. And their chilli packs a good punch of capsaicin – an excellent thing to clear the nasal passages in my book to breathe in the early morning air.

Their Hummus plate (falafel, tahini and pita for AUD$9.50) is also extremely popular and I look forward to trying it sometime – if I can get someone to share it with me.

Eat A Pocket are usually set up in the middle of the West End markets, but apparently have trailers in a number of other locations. Their webpage isn’t working at the time this post was written, but they mention their locations on their Facebook page and Twitter @EataPocket profiles.