Fishes At The Point Cafe, Stradbroke Island

When beach camping, I get this unexplainable yearning for fish and chips, and various bits of seafood. Is it the salty sea air? Or perhaps the roar of the crashing waves?

On our last afternoon on Stradbroke Island, we drove up to Fishes At The Point Cafe for lunch.

Seeing the huge mugs of mocha other patrons were having with the slight chill in the air had both a friend and I aching for some ourselves. And they heaped the chocolate in the creamy milk – absolutely perfect for hugging in one’s hands.

However we couldn’t help snickering when the SO’s strong latte was brought forth in a Coca-Cola glass.

I mean, having beers poured in a different brand’s glass is fairly normal and no one really cares, but coffee in a soda glass? Really? At least the coffee is good, so they can be forgiven. šŸ˜€

Salt & pepper calamari. AUD$11 (E)

The SO was keen to try their salt and pepper calamari, so we picked it up as an entree. The calamari was well cooked, without being tough as boots. Their own blend of Szechuan spices and sea salt lends a good punch of flavour, but it is the orange sesame dressing that is truely divine! I kept coming back for more by soaking my chips in it.

This also comes as a main for AUD$22.

Straddie Fisherman's Basket. AUD$22

The SO had the Straddie Fisherman’s Basket, which is barramundi or coral trout, fresh calamari, prawn, sea scallop, fat chips, salad, lemon wedge and tartare sauce. He was disappointed there was only one of each item, but didn’t complain about the quality of the food.

Classic fish and chips. AUD$16

I had the fish and chips with barramundi (crumbed). Punters have the option of barra or coral trout, either crumbed or grilled. I quite enjoyed the fat cut chips and fresh salad, but the 2 sachets of Heinz tartare sauce was a little overkill.

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