Tucking in at Tukka Restaurant

When asked what is Australian food, I get a little stumped.

Much like the Singapore motherland, Australia’s cuisine scene is a mish-mash of food brought by its diverse immigrant culture that has been tweaked and assimilated over multiple generations.

20 years ago, it would’ve been predominantly influenced by the steady stream of European settlers. 10 years ago, the Asians made the pilgrimage across the oceans and today, we see more African cuisine thrown into the mix.

But one thing is for certain: if you want to try a touch of strange Australian fare done with a modern twist, Tukka Restaurant in Brisbane’s West End is consistently the place we recommend to friends and/or guests.

Anisata confit of Tasmanian possum, Davidson plum gastrique with a pickled cucumber and melon salad. AUD$19.80

Tukka Restaurant’s menu usually feature Australian meats, such as kangaroo, possum, emu, crocodile, etc. and Australian fauna that are probably much harder to come by, such as wattleseed and lily pilly.

Whichever you choose, I assure you at the very least, it will be interesting. We have certainly enjoyed our meals with Tukka.

Queensland kangaroo fillet, lemon myrtle jus, pumpkin puree, braised spring onions and gremolata. AUD$29.80


Cone bay salt water barramundi, pea puree, watercress and macadamia salad with a lily pilly foam. AUD$30.50


Anisata smoked spatchcock, kipfler potato fricassee, wilted silver beet and a finger lime emulsion. AUD$30.50

I went with something a little different and opted for the spatchcock. Since trying it some time ago, I have been interested to see what flavours other establishments incorporate with spatchcock. And I have to say, this one rocks my socks off.

Anisata is an Australian herb, which is the leaves of a rainforest tree. It produces a distinctive aniseed herb that apparently has a flavour similar to that found in star anise and fennel but with an added sweetness. The result with the finger lime emulsion is this glorious balance of sweet, sour and savoury rolled up with the juicy flesh.

These spoonfuls of sorbet were quite a surprise and act as a palate cleanser. I adore the tart flavours.

Dark chocolate biscuit with a wattle seed mousse, blood orange jelly and cinnamon blood orange sauce. AUD$14.50


Tukka mixed dessert plate (for 2). AUD$21.50

A year in since we last visited Tukka, and Head Chef and owner Bryant Wells and team still deliver gold stars all around. The service is warm and patient, though a little slow that particular evening.

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