Camping at Stradbroke Island – with breakfast beer

The prospect of being digitally unavailable was an initially unfathomable event. How would I function without my email/IM/Facebook/Twitter/insert-whatever-technology-you’re-attached-to?

But when those occasions come around, I now relish the thought all I need to concentrate on is enjoying the moment and not have something beeping at me. Hard to believe, isn’t it?

Those occasions now include our annual Australia Day camping trip to Stradbroke Island – a 45 minute ferry ride across from the mainland. Over 4 days and 3 nights, this was home.

That maroon tent is ours – the second tent we purchased after we realised tent manufacturers really meant dwarf sized people when they said X-number of people could fit in their tents. This one apparently can house 6 people, but it actually fits the SO, I and our queen-size air mattress with some space to spare for belongings.

Oh, and we can stand upright in it – a handy feature to make changing into swimwear without showing all your junk more convenient.

But why rough it?

So we can be right next to this…

Yup, our own little spot of paradise.

Cylinder Beach is one of the nicest stretches of beach I’ve had the pleasure of frolicking in. It’s patrolled almost everyday by Surf Life Savers. The waves are not as large or powerful as the ones down the Gold Coast. And as the tide goes out, the sandbars form these natural lagoons – perfect for families with young kids who cannot tackle the bigger waves, but want to enjoy the water.

True, the weather forecast for the Australia Day week was dire – rain, rain and more rain. We almost cancelled, but were too stubborn to give up. Yet while it did rain, it was perfectly manageable and despite the overcast skies, the SO and our friends managed to get sunburnt.

We don’t eat too shabbily either!

The SO’s parents gave us a camping stove for Christmas in 2010, but it hadn’t been broken into as we decided against camping in 2011 due to the Queensland flood (all that water had to go out into the ocean and swimming in it didn’t seem like a good idea).

Camping with friends allowed us to plan meals together and were able to have bacon and eggs for breakfast on two mornings. Yummy!

Oh, and of course, breakfast beer. 🙂