Pies at the Carungra Outpost Cafe

The last time the SO and I drove up to O’Reiley’s was when girlfriend Celeste and @iriael were visiting back in October 2009. That’s a looooooong time ago, so we thought to give our new car a little test run on those country roads.

Enroute, we stopped in the little township of Canungra, just 90km from Brisbane for a quick lunch.

You cannot miss The Outpost Cafe when you’re in Canungra. The large Australian windmill up on the roof is a dead giveaway and if you’re lucky, you might spy a vintage or kit car parked out front.

I had the steak and kidney pie with chips and gravy, while the SO had the steak and mushroom (his favorite flavour).

Now I have never had a steak and kidney pie before, but this one was pretty good. The kidney flavour was not as strong as one would expect and there were real pieces of steak.

The SO chowed down on his steak and mushroom without much of a peep, so I take it he enjoyed it.

The chips are ok – nothing fancy or particularly interesting.

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