Fish and chip dinner at Peter’s Fish Market, Gold Coast

There is nothing like hopping into the car after an afternoon folicking at the beach to grab a piping hot fresh fish and chip dinner. And down at the Gold Coast, Peter’s Fish Market out on the Spit is one of the best places to pick up such a meal.

Contrary to their name, Peter’s Fish Market is not really a fish market market – the crazy hustle and bustle warehouse full of forklifts and men in thick plastic aprons. While Peter’s Fish Market does get a little crazy on the weekend, you have a clean organised space with several displays of seafood instead – fresh, packaged or pre-prepared – on thick beds of ice. This ranges from whole fish, shucked oysters, prawns, octopus, crabs and fish fillets. And lots of people walking out with a stack of paper trays full of fish and chips in their arms.

What I love is the wide variety of fish fillets you can select for your fish and chips, such as flake, whiting, cod, flathead, salmon. So you’re not limited to the standard 1 piece of fish (there’s usually a daily special for the type of fish) and chips, which by the way is still fantastic. You can obviously go with as many pieces as you like in all 3 ways: battered, crumbed or grilled.

2 years in and their prices haven’t changed from the AUD$8.50 for standard 1 piece of fish with chips, which includes a wedge of lemon to squeeze over the lot. That’s fantastic when everything else seems to get more and more expensive.

And if just fish and chips are not enough, there are other meal packs, which include prawn cutlets, calamari, etc.

Just wait too long to get there on a Saturday/Sunday evening. I have seen the line snake well past their front door.

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