GLOSSYBOX (Australia) – December 2011

I did not receive my December 2011 GLOSSYBOX till January 2012. Here’s why.


Review of the GLOSSYBOX Service Experience

As Christmas loomed closer, members on GLOSSYBOX‘s Facebook page were sharing how they had started receiving their boxes. However I had not received an email notification of a tracking number, so I logged into my GLOSSYBOX account to discover my order had been cancelled. I had not received any notification regarding why, so I tried to call. No one picked up after several tries.

I took to Twitter instead, seeing as @GlossyBox_au was tweeting. I didn’t receive a response till about 2 hours later, but by which time I had already managed to get through to someone on the phone. They were not able to tell me why my subscription had been cancelled, but they would send out a December box to me immediately and warned it probably would not get to me till after the New Year. Given it was the Christmas season, I found this fair and received my December box the first week of January 2012.

I later discovered I needed to update my credit card details and this was most likely to be the reason why my subscription was cancelled. If so, I would have appreciated a notification, so I could rectify it as soon as possible, rather than to have discovered it on my own accord.

However changing one’s credit card isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. After a good hour trying to work out how to do so, I had to make another phone call to ask if they would do it for me. Turns out to change credit card details, members have to cancel their existing subscription and re-subscribe to input the new details. By this stage, I was frustrated and wondered if there isn’t a simpler way of updating credit card information.


Review of the Beauty Samples

Besides the beauty samples, included in this GLOSSYBOX are a GLOSSYBOX circle sticker, a Christmas card and a candy cane.

GORGEOUS COSMETICS Lip Pencil in Premiere
RRP: AUD$25 for 1.5g

I have never heard of Gorgeous Cosmetics, so was really curious about this product.

The full-sized product is a 12cm long pencil with a black plastic cap, so it is easy to throw into a cosmetic bag. One end has the colour sample of the product, making it easy to tell what the colour is without lifting the cap.

The lip pencil is really creamy and soft with a great colour payoff – I’d say almost too soft, as the tip wonked out with a bit of pressure. This is good if you tend to use lip pencils as lipstick – not so good if you have a heavy hand. The creaminess certainly enables it to blend really well with a lip brush.


SALLY HANSEN Diamond Strength Diamond Shine Base and Top Cost
RRP: AUD$16.46 for 13.3ml

This is another full-sized sample and an information booklet on the Sally Hansen product range. I already had a great experience with the Sally Hansen Everyday Strength Medium Nail File from the first Beauty Box back in September 2011, so had high hopes this base and top coat would fulfill its product promises: brilliant shine, extended wear, which strengthens nails and protects nail polish.

Straight off, I have to say I don’t like the silver bottle packaging. It looks a little tacky and my bottle already came with 2 large scratches, which cannot be buffed out.

The actual product however, is good. The liquid is relatively thin and applies evenly, giving nails a lovely shine. I have been wearing it alone for 4 days before it started flaking around the cuticles. My manicures usually last maximum a week, so it doesn’t hold up too badly. I cannot be sure about whether it strengthens: time will tell.


TIGI HAIRCARE Manipulator by Bed Head
RRP: AUD$23.95 for 57ml

I’m sooo excited to get this! I have been oogling Bed Head‘s product range since I was in school, but at the time, didn’t have enough money to validate buying anything. And after I started work, my money went to a million other purchases.

Manipulator is really tacky stuff and a little goes a looooong way, unless you are going for the sticky look. It holds styles well and is relatively matte, so it suits natural styles as much as it would funky monkey ones. It leaves a light pleasant coconut scent in my hair afterwards.


JOHN FRIEDA – Frizz-Ease® Secret Weapon Finishing Crème
RRP: AUD$16.99 for 113gm

The last time I tried a John Frieda product, I wasn’t very impressed, so this one started with relatively low expectations. The Frizz-Ease® Secret Weapon Finishing Crème is a light-weight formulation and easy to apply. The scent is a little strong, but it definitely keeps my hair feeling slick and less frizzy (and poofy) without having to blowdry after a wash. Definitely something I wouldn’t mind trying a full bottle of.


AUSCREEEN Everyday sunscreen Lotion
RRP: AUD$7.49 for 125ml, AUD$10.49 for 250ml

The SO and I have been hitting the beach the last two weekends, so I took this with me. There isn’t enough in the sample bottle for a whole body, so I just applied it to my face.

The formulation is light-weight non-greasy and absorbs really easily into the skin. It is SPF 30+, 3 hours water resistant and pleasantly scented, which holds up well for my already tanned skin. I would like to test it on the SO, who is fair and incapable of tanning (ie. he burns without sunscreen in 5 mins and then goes back to being white albeit with a couple more freckles).