A second breakfast at Pablo, New Farm

I knew it wouldn’t be too long before we would drop into Pablo again – this time with Erushi and HP in tow.

When they offered to treat us for breakfast after we had treated them to dinner, I reluctantly agreed but demanded the breakfast could not – and should not- be at MacDonalds1. I had raved about Pablo to them during their stay and I wasn’t about to let them leave the state without giving them a go at a stellar breakfast of organic wholesome food.

HP admitted he had never tried rooibos tea before, to which I launched into the key characteristics of this herbal African tea – not that I’m a tea connoisseur.

The staff also kindly brought out the T2 tea tin for HP to get a good whiff of what to expect. Where else can you get such personable service?

Lemon & thyme homemade baked beans, haloumi, free range fried eggs on sourdough toast. AUD$15

As Erushi explained her obsession for cheese and distaste for most things tofu (and bacon), we discussed the possibility of switching out the speck bacon for the haloumi with the staff. For a fellow foodie and home cook, I never realised how many things Erushi had ‘issues’ with – though if my mum forced me to eat an entire block of plain tofu, I’d probably hate it too.

Outcome with the switch-ah-roo? Not a problem.

Seasoned avocado on sourdough toast, basil & mango salsa, grilled haloumi. AUD$12

And as with our last breakfast at Pablo, I had to have the seasoned avocado on sourdough toast again. There are things that basil and mango salsa does to my spine… mmmm…

Caper and herb marinated Tasmanian smoked salmon, dill scrambled eggs, seeded peasant toast and smoked tomato compote. AUD$16

And the SO got his wish: to try the caper and herb marinated Tasmanian smoked salmon. HP opted for this one too and I cannot believe how the two of them managed to finish their boards of food. It is enormous and I’d call an epically huge breakfast – the kind you have and won’t need lunch for the day.

The SO offered me a tiny sample taste of the salmon and it’s gorgeous! If they offered this on a toasted bagel with cream cheese, I would totally hit this up over and over again.

Not that I need another excuse to visit Pablo.

1: I actually like MacDonald’s breakfasts (sausage and egg MacMuffin with a hash brown and orange juice), but given the lack of proximity, I have it rarely. A very good thing in my book.