Lunch at the Belgian Beer Cafe Brussels @ Brisbane city

Header - This establishment is now closed

While I have visited the Belgian Beer Cafe Brussels several times before, it had always been for drinks. My forays there have never gone past their chips and aioli, which are served in quaint white paper cones.

So who am I to say ‘no’ to a Christmas lunch with colleagues?


Mussels (provencale), served with beer battered frites & mayo. AUD$29

I have seen this dish eaten by many a patron and wanted to give this a try. These mussels are cooked and served in the traditional Belgian mussel pot and comes in 4 flavours: provencale (olives, tomatoes, chilli, basil and diced vegetables), mariniere (white wine, bay leaves, parsillade), roquefort (chardonnay, cream, blue cheese and baby spinach) and norwegian (creamy veloute, smoked salmon, white wine, mushrooms and spinach)

Verdict: so yummy and fresh, but my tummy hurt from the strain the rest of the afternoon. I had to throw in the towel and still had about half a dozen mussels left in the pot.

You a mussels lover and wanna die a painful but happy death by mussels? This is your ticket, buddy!


Scallop salad. AUD$18.50


Fish of the day (barramundi) with mashed potato. AUD$37

Grilled Toulouse sausages with mash & dijon mustard sauce. AUD$27


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