Eves On The River @ Teneriffe

The final conference dinner (for me anyway) at Eves On the River ended two weeks of work on a very intense physically and mentally exhausting roller coaster ride. It has been hard, but I count my blessings there were not too many dramas and the volunteers I got to work with were bloody fantastic. Who could’ve asked for anything more?

Upon arrival, we were presented with a variety of canapes, including freshly shucked oysters with lemon wedges (yum!), while we mingled at the bar for drinks.

Unlike dinner at 3 Station Pier @ Port Melbourne, everyone was presented with a small menu selection to make their dining choices at Eves On the River.

Seared scallops with soba noodles, Moreton Bay bug salad and mala dressing. AUD$20

I happen to prefer my soba relatively firm, so this entrée’s soba was a little softer than I like. There wasn’t much bug in my salad, but the seared scallops were beautifully sweet and juicy – making up for any shortcomings on the plate in my book.

Twice baked cauliflower soufflé with goats cheese salad, asparagus and vanilla vinaigrette. AUD$17

When asked, the diner next to me who had this was lovely and pillowy soft. I will have to take their word for it.

Kangaroo loin with sweet potato puree, baby beetroot, buffalo labneh and watercress. AUD$19

Kangaroo is not the easiest meat to work with, due to its low fat content. So respect to any chef who can put a juicy roo to the plate!

Eye fillet with goats cheese mash, spinach, green bean and crisp pancetta. AUD$35

The SO’s choice and he was thrilled with it, digging into it with gusto.

Grilled barramundi with spiced octopus, avocado puree and smoked tomato. AUD$33

The grilled barramundi was the fish of the day and smelt amazing!

Pumpkin and sweet potato lasagna with capsicum coulis, watercress pesto and goats curd. AUD$29

My choice of the pumpkin and sweet potato lasagna with capsicum coulis, watercress pesto and goats curd was delish! Not as sweet as one would expect from a combination of pumpkin and sweet potato, and with silky firm lasagna sheets in between.

Passionfruit pannacotta with mango coulis and raspberry compote. AUD$12

Not the best pannacotta I’ve had, but the passionfruit pannacotta with mango coulis and raspberry compote was not too bad. I have a preference for softer pannacotta, so if you prefer yours firmer, this one would have been up your alley. Thankfully not sickeningly sweet, but there are some lovely flavours, which make it a nice way to finish off the meal.


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