Christmas lunch with the in-laws

The Christmas season is punctuated by the decadence of food and as with last year, we spent all afternoon at the in-laws partaking in copious amounts of ham, turkey, kebabs and a range of dessert. I think the only greens available were the roasted veggies my in-laws prepared and the very plain salad greens I brought, knowing I would probably explode from too much plenty.

Yet I managed to restraint myself and not end up puking my guts or having to unbotton my pants. I even had room for dessert!

This year, the MIL asked that the girls (my sister-in-law and I) coordinate the lunch – I took the Christmas ham, chickpea and zucchini balls with tzatziki and a salad, while my sis-in-law took desserts (she’s a goddess when it comes to anything with sugar – mince tarts, chocolate truffles, jelly, pudding with brandy custard). My parents-in-law decided they would do a turkey, kebabs and roast veggies. And the sis-in-law’s boyfriend’s uncle brought the nibbles.

And as usual, there were plenty of leftovers.