3 Station Pier @ Port Melbourne

It was the end of the conference in Melbourne, so to celebrate, we were invited to attend a private function at the 3 Station Pier for dinner.

I gotta say, the sunset view overlooking the water is stunning. Unfortunately for me, I had not packed warm enough and was chilled to the bone if I stepped outside.

The inside was lovely and toasty warm from the gas warmers and the press of the many human bodies. Armed with a selection of alcoholic beverages, the wait staff had to carefully navigate the moving maze of people to offer the selection of canapes, one of which were exploding rice paper rolls with sweet chilli sauce – a very messy affair, even for the most nimble of our crew.

Canapes at 3 Station Pier


One of the things I find curious and I have only ever experienced in Melbourne is the alternating menu. Dishes are alternated between diners, so you get the luck of the draw as to which you get. Otherwise, you had better hope your dining partner is willing to trade.

I personally think it’s great for the kitchen and if you are not a particularly fussy diner, this is not an issue. But it gets tricky if you have any dietary restrictions or have particular preferences.

I got the grilled lamb served with roast garlic and pumpkin, coasted in olive jus, which came perfectly cooked and the sauce is sweet. It was very enjoyable and the pumpkin is so silky smooth from cooking.

As for dessert, I was served the squirrel, which is much too rich for me and I had to leave it half eaten.

Roasted blue-eye topped with a coriander crust with
zucchini tomato salsa and balsamic and capsicum dressing


Grilled lamb served with
roast garlic and pumpkin, coasted in olive jus


Squirrel - a chocolate tear drop filled with milk chocolate mousse
served with crunchy hazelnut feuilletine and a dollop of coffee ice-cream


Amelie - pink macaroon with lemon cream and fresh fruit,
served with strawberry yoghurt ice-cream


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