MOS Burger @ Sunnybank, Brisbane

I usually get my MOS Burger fix whenever we are back in Singapore, but now that an outlet has opened in Brisbane’s Sunnybank, maybe I can get my fix right here in Australia.

MOS Burger is a fast-food burger chain originating from Japan and my two favorite menu items from them is the rice burgers and their ice milk tea. Their rice burgers are a really nice alternative to the traditional white buns every other burger joint serves, but it can get a little messy – which is half the fun, in my opinion.

So does the Australian version measure up to its other global counterparts?

The menu is really similar – the staple MOS burger, MOS cheeseburger, Teriyaki burger, etc. are all available at the Brisbane outlet. I was a little disappointed the Unagi (eel) rice burger hasn’t made its way to these shores yet. I have my fingers crossed it might some day, because that is one of my favorites.

The Brisbane outlet is currently offering the new seafood okonomiyaki burger, kimchi beef and kimchi pork rice burger, which don’t seem to be the Singapore or Taiwan MOS Burger menus. Is this in response to the ballooning Korean population in Brisbane?

Service was relatively quick and we didn’t have any trouble finding a table. I was surprised my ice milk tea was served in a glass and quite enjoyed swirling the straw and ice cubes to clink against the glass.

The fries are the same thick cut served in all the MOS Burger joints, but these are quite yellow from the cooking oil.

MOS Burger's Wagyu beef cheese burger. AUD$6.75

The SO enjoyed his wagyu beef with cheese burger and I got to take a little nibble. The sauce has a hint of wasabi, not enough to tinge or open your windpipes.

MOS Burger's Yimchi yakiniku beef rice burger. AUD$5.50

I on the other hand, was gunning for a rice burger. Unfortunately these don’t seem to hold their shape nearly as neatly as the ones from Singapore. The rice bun isn’t as grilled, so there isn’t any crunch. By the second bite, it was falling apart everywhere, and I thankfully kept the burger in its wrapper to avoid the sauce and juices spilling out.

The filling is lovely and plump. I’m not sure I enjoyed having kimchi in it and might just opt for the straight up beef yakiniku next time.

MOS Burger in Brisbane might have its differences to its sister outlets internationally, but the burgers are similar and are of the same quality. It’s a great alternative for a casual bite with some friends and I wouldn’t mind dropping in more frequently to get my MOS burger fix.

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