Only Midge canvas satchel

Girlfriend Qinz and I share a love for fountain pens and satchels. Something about the smooth gentle curves of a pen with a silky smooth nib evenly stroking a piece of paper and the simplicity of a well-made sturdy satchel tugs at our sense of aesthetics. It’s not uncommon for us to be exchanging hyperlinks to satchel companies, critiquing and oogling their designs.

But as I get older, my fondess for these things leans towards the slimmer and smaller incarnations. Maybe it’s to avoid lugging around too much stuff. Life’s too short to be spent weighed down. And you need a great bag to carry the essentials in.

And at the moment, those essentials have been trés geeky: my Lamy 2000 fountain pen loaded with Sailor ink, Olympus Pen, iPhone and iPad (and a couple of random cosmetics, cuz you know… what’s a girl without a little lippie on her?). These Only Midge satchels are ideal for that load and I found them for sale at this year’s last Finders Keepers Market (no!!) at a cannot-resist price. These satchels come in 2 sizes, in a number of colours and really quite sturdy.

Whoever picked up the small mustard yellow and raspberry red satchels, you are highly envied, my friend!