Oxford Landing Estates Restaurant at the Good Food and Wine Show 2011

The Good Food and Wine Show 2011 is the SO’s first time at the Good Food and Wine Show, and I briefed him thoroughly on what he should expect: the crowds, the food, the wine, and lunch at the Oxford Landing Estates Restaurant.

Unlike last year’s Oxford Landing Estates Restaurant, which featured menus by 4 chefs, the restaurant had offerings from Australian Masterchef Season 1 finalist Poh and Season 2 finalist Marion Grasby.

Each chef’s menu included two entrees (AUD$16 each), two mains (AUD$24 each) and one dessert (AUD$8 each).

Poh Ling Yeow


Malaysian Beef Satays with fruit and
vegetable skewers with satay sauce
Kingfish Carpaccio


Dong Do Pork with Chop House Fried Rice
Classic Chinese steamed fish – Cantonese style


Sago Pudding

Marion Grasby


My First Mussels
Sweet Pepper Chicken Drumlets


Confit Duck with star anise sauce and mash
Sumac-crusted Scotch Fillet with chimichurri sauce


Kaffir lime panna cotta with
strawberries and lime syrup

The SO and I were particularly attracted to Marion’s selections, and picked up enough AUD$8 tickets to get a main each and share a dessert.

Marion Grasby's Confit Duck with star anise sauce and mash

The duck was a touch too dry, which can be understandable with having the food sit in a bain-marie. Coupled with the silky-smooth mash and the subtle sweet star anise sauce, the duck is much more palatable.

Marion Grabsy's sumac-crusted scotch fillet with chimichurri sauce

The SO chose the scotch fillet and lamented the guy before him got a far larger steak. Like the duck, the fillet steak was a little more overcooked than he’d like, but the flavours were far more balanced. And the bed of couscous soaked up the meaty juices and flavours from the chimichurri sauce.

Marion Grasby's kaffir lime panna cotta with strawberries and lime syrup

This is meal’s highlight – fresh zesty lime zing with the smooth delicate sweetness from the panna cotta. Thankfully despite its tiny appearance, the portion is perfect for finishing off the meal.