Wagaya @ Fortitude Valley

During the SO’s Big Bang Theory birthday mini-bash, a girlfriend raved about a new izakaya in town and asked if we wanted to check it out.

How could the answer be anything but ‘yes’?!

Several days later, we were climbing up the stairs to Wagaya on Brunswick Street. Their storefront sign is huge, so it’s hard to miss. Activity was brisk and the bustle of staff coupled with the chatter of patrons made for a lively atmosphere.

Our friend had made a table reservation for 8 and we were shown to a long booth. The booths come in varying sizes, from tables for 2, 4, 6 and 8 – each offering some sense of privacy, so it feels cozy. Each booth has a touch screen at one end to survey the menu (hard copies in laminate are available too), place and monitor your orders, and check your bill.

The menu is extensive and I felt a tad overwhelmed by it. However once you get over the ‘what do I choose first?’, it’s very easy to stick around and run up a large bill (ours was over AUD$300) – service is quick, the food is good, portions are alright and there’s the wide selection of alcoholic beverages (and hopefully you have good company too).

Our little group stuck mostly to the grilled, sushi/sashimi and sake menu section, but there are typical Japanese menu items, such as gyoza, ramen and even onigiri.

I recommend trying:

  • Renkon chips (lotus root). AUD$6.50
  • Shio (ox tongue). AUD$6.30
  • Grilled scampi and cheese. AUD$8.20
  • Hamachi Abachi Roll with miso. AUD$10.80

And yes, they also have the wasabi challenge – 6 pieces of salmon nigiri are offered and under one is a motherload of wasabi. If you have 3 or 6 in your party, go for it!

Wagaya also has some large private function rooms, which cater for up to 20 people. There is a booking fee for these spaces, which are great for get-togethers.

315 Brunswick Street Level 1 TCB Centre
Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006
Tel: +61 7 3252 8888

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