Ole Restaurant @ South Brisbane

The SO walked past Olé Restaurant on his way to meet me in South Brisbane and thought we should drop in for dinner, seeing as it’s new and we have been having a pretty good streak with Spanish food thus far.

What I love about Olé Restaurant right off the bat is the comfortable casual atmosphere. The furnishing are simple and dark, but that is such a lovely contrast to the burst of colour and imagery on their menu and drink covers.

By the time we got there for dinner, much of the original crowd the SO had seen had already left, so we got our pick of seats. Service is really friendly and our wait staff was very familiar with the menu, even pointing out the tomate relleno (heirloom tomatoes with walnuts, manchego and piquillo peppers) was unavailable for awhile, as their supplier has not been able to source heirloom tomatoes.

What I didn’t like is how weak their sangria is. I barely tasted the alcohol in my glass of red sangria and I much prefer being able to scoop out little apple chunks for texture. The vodka gazpacho with the oysters were a far stronger alcoholic hit.

The food on the other hand, is lovely. It doesn’t take too long to come out and they arrive as a steady stream, so your table isn’t overwhelmed by dishes and you have the opportunity to savour each one on its own merit, so here’s some quick comments on the dishes we did order:

  • The Bolitas de Garbanzo fritters don’t look like much and I thought they might’ve made a mistake, seeing how much they look like meatballs. But biting into them, they’re creamy and delicious!
  • Texture of the cured pork from the Sobrasada y Vieras reminded me of mashed tuna or sardine.
    The pork crackle also lacked the salty blistered texture I usually associate with crackling.
  • Calamares y Chanquetes were divine! I only wished there was more whitebait in the serve, cuz they’re killer moorish and you can eat them like popcorn.
  • The oysters are wonderfully fresh and would’ve been perfect just on their own.

Bolitas de Garbanzo (chickpea fritters with hot chilli sauce). AUD$6

Pulpo con Chorizo (grilled octopus, chorizo, fresh lime, parsley and tomato). AUD$8

Sobrasada y Vieras (soft, cured pork and paprika sausage, Queensland scallops and pork crackling). AUD$17

Calamares y Chanquetes (crisp calamari and whitebait with aioli). AUD$8

Ostras (coffin bay oyster with vodka gazpacho). AUD$3 each

Ole Restaurant
Shop B12, Little Stanley St
South Brisbane, 4101
Tel: +61 7 3846 1201

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