Birthday Breakfast at The Deli New Farm

The SO spent a lot of time in Melbourne the last two weeks and ended up missing our 4th wedding anniversary (where has the time gone?!), but got back to Brisbane in time to celebrate his birthday!

First thing he wanted was his suitcase. The airline lost it from his flight the night before, so we had to spend much of the morning waiting for the courier to deliver it.

Once that was sorted out, the SO really wanted breakfast at The Deli New Farm. Who was I to say ‘no’ to the birthday boy?

The Deli New Farm's eggs benedict. AUD$14.50

The SO goes ga-ga over bacon and he was a little overwhelmed by the amount of bacon that accompanied his eggs benedict. I love that it comes with some rocket.

The Deli New Farm's poached eggs, toast (AUD$8.50) and mushrooms (AUD$3.50)

The last time I visited The Deli New Farm with some friends, I had the Deli Stack (AUD$15.50). It includes a potato and feta rosti, which is absolutely delicious, but it is a huge breakfast and I didn’t quite have a stomach for it – instead I went with the more modest poached eggs with toast, and threw in mushrooms as an extra.

Unfortunately the poached eggs were disappointing. When we cut open the yolks, nothing flowed and as I poked around, I found the yolk to be practically hard boiled. One of the SO’s poached eggs had some ooze, but certainly not the running lava of golden egg yolk you’d expect.

While my mushrooms were beautifully juicy, they were over-salted. The toast helped mellow the saltiness, but the last few mushrooms were harder to swallow when I had finished my toast.

I later realised I could’ve sent the eggs back to the kitchen, but we were just too hungry for our first meal of the day. Maybe next time…

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