Singapore Airlines inflight Oriental vegetarian meal

Here is a look at my vegetarian oriental (VOML) meals on our return flight to Brisbane on Singapore Airlines.

Braised tofu with chinese vegetables, carrots and fried noodles.

This lunch replaced the normal meal options: breaded pork with barbecue sauce, corns, carrots and mashed potatoes, or stir fried fish fillet with celery in garlic sauce, chinese vegetables and fried noodles (the SO’s choice).

Regular dessert was ice-cream (which I was also offered), but my lunch already came with a fruit salad and a jello.

Pineapple and potato salad, braised tofu, mushrooms with seaweed salad, beans and shredded carrot

I almost whooped with joy at seeing the seaweed salad there. That stuff is absolutely addictive and being high in iodine, calcium and potassium, it’s really healthy too.

This refreshment was in place of the normal meal options: warm shiitake mushroom wrap or focaccia sandwich with chicken and iceberg (the SO’s choice).

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