Equinox Private dining: the real deal

After the food tasting session, there were a few tweaks to the menu.

The biggest tweak was to what I was served though. I briefly mentioned to the wedding planner I was not allowed seafood and she went to have a word with the kitchen.

While everyone dug into the first course – the king prawn salad with mango salsa, I faced an empty serving plate until the waiter placed before me…. a plate of salad leaves with a saucer of sour cream and dill dressing.

No bonus points for guessing how thrilled I was, given the lunch was my first meal of the day.

After I tried picking at them (and gave up after a few mouthfuls), the wedding planner came around, looked at my plate and said: “That’s what they served you?”. She went back to the kitchen and several minutes later, the waiter came to ask if I could have froie gras.

Hell yeah!

Live soon hock in Hong Kong style

Steak medallion with celery

Chicken breast with asparagus

Foie gras with poached apple and broccoli