A last minute DIY project: my sister’s wedding hair accessories

I never planned on doing any crafting while I was in Singapore for my sister’s wedding – how could I when all my supplies are at home in Australia?

But as fate would have it, my sister is a terrible organiser and her make-up artist did not have any accessories to lend her. We tried trawling up and down Orchard Road, but she found nothing suitable and each store would simply point us to the next one.

Frustrated, I said if we found nothing by the end of the day, I would handmake her something.

Me and my big mouth.

We ended up making a trip to Arab Street to select some beads, pearls and wire, costing her less than SGD$10. And after showing her what I had in mind and how to twist the beads, we worked 2-3 hours into the night side by side to complete this.

While I have not gone scuba diving in years, I drew on my memories of elkhorn corals seen in our tropical waters and watching in wonder at documentaries of coral reefs spawning on the same night – it is such a time of wonder to think so many coral species spawn at the same time, yet eggs and sperm of the same species do meet in the vast sea to create new life.

I thought this would be an appropriate motif to use, seeing as my sister and her fiance are from such different parts of the world, and have found each other.

It didn’t hurt they also have a shared love for scuba diving.

Congratulations to my gorgeous sister and her new hubby! I would only hurt my fingers twisting wire and beads for you.