Food down in Chinatown

If you have a dollar in your pocket, you can never starve in Chinatown.

The question is what would you choose to eat.

You will never guess what this price list is for (unless you read Chinese).

Duck and pig organs, such as tongue, heart, feet, nose, ears…

Mmmm… yummy.

My parents have raved about this food stall, which serves cuisine from mainland China and is always busy. Its prices are also really reasonable, given the portion size you get – a styrofoam takeway container.

It basically works like a buffet bar. The food is room temperature and everyone just orders/points to the dish they want to chuck into their takeway container.

If you choose only 1 vegetable dish for your container (which will be filled), it’s SGD$2.50.
Two to three veg is SGD$3.00.
Two veg and 1 meat is SGD$3.50.
Two meats and 1 veg is SGD$4.00.

And those prices will not have local taxes on them (don’t even get me started on that). You pay those prices, get given a pair of chopsticks and away you go.

I was famished after shopping, and picked out two tofu dishes and an offal dish for my box.

The food is ever so slightly spicy – not enough to make me reach for a cold beverage – and absolutely delicious! The texture of the tofu noodles (or at least I think it’s tofu) is something I’d love to recreate in the kitchen.

I do wonder what spice is in the food that made my tongue tingle ever so, because it isn’t chilli.