Tonkichi @ Orchard Central, Singapore

Crisp, crunchy and yet juicy, soft.

Nestled in a fresh bed of finely shredded cabbage and dipped in a savoury tonkatsu sauce.

A really good tonkatsu has to have these and more. All I know is I have yet to find a really gobsmacking tonkatsu here in Brisbane, but there are several great tonkatsu places in Singapore.

Tonkichi at Orchard Central makes a pretty mean tonkatsu with a good panko crumb, evidently well-appreciated by its many patrons the night we dropped in. The pork of my Hire Katsu set was tender, though not soft enough to cut through with a pair of chopsticks – I believe that whole chopstick-cutting thing is just an urban legend.

But perhaps I liked their outdoor seating overlooking Orchard Road more – it was relatively private and with all the colourful lights around the surrounding buildings, made for a pretty picture over dinner.

Rosu Katsu Don (SGD$21.90). Chicken Katsu set (SGD$21.90)

Ladies set: deep fried sliced pork with asparagus, prawn & vegetable (SGD$24.90)

Hire Katsu set: 3 piece (SGD$20.90)

181 Orchard Road, #07-06
Orchard Central
Singapore 238896

Tel: +65 6238 7976
Fax: +65 6238 7312

Open 7 days, 11:00 am to 11:00 pm
Last Order: 10:00 pm

* Prices listed do not include local taxes.