My obsession with beef noodles

I loooooooooooove beef noodles.

There is just something about having a piping hot bowl of lily white fat rice noodles, buried under a thick blanket of black beefy sauce and thinly sliced beef, beef balls (not those balls) and beef tendon, garnished with finely chopped salted vegetables and coriander, and served with a saucer of chilli sauce and fermented shrimps that makes me wet.

Yes, that kinda wet.

Perhaps I should blame my mother for starting me on this road for beefy goodness in the womb – she would wolf down two Big Macs and fries in one sitting for lunch when she was pregnant with me. No mean feat for a tiny Chinese woman back in the 80s and it still ain’t no mean feat today.

My favorite beef noodle stall used to be at the Lavender Food Court in Singapore, but it’s never been quite the same anymore. A girlfriend highly recommends the beef noodles in Orchard Road’s ION shopping mall basement food court, but I have my doubts.

Anyone else with an irresistible beefy goodness recommendation for beef noodles?