Mooncakes at Takashimaya

While I’m not a huge fan of mooncakes, the Mid-Autumn Festival still holds many happy childhood memories of lighting handmade lanterns shaped like dragons, rabbits, goldfish and butterflies. My parents would take us out after sunset to light tiny candles, warning us to be careful not to burn ourselves and walk around the block with them.

It has been a few years since I last celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival and since I was back in Singapore, I dropped by Takashimaya’s basement pavilion – home to their Mid-Autumn Festival and a host of mooncake offerings.

And of course, free samplings!

My favorite for flavour have to be the Cookie Museum‘s snow skin mooncake in orange with truffle and East Ocean Teochew Restaurant‘s snow skin in green tea and custard.

If you visited the Takashimaya Mid-Autumn Festival, which mooncake gave you gastro-gasms?