Bibigo @ Raffles City, Singapore

You know an eatery is AH-mazing when TWO girlfriends take you there on two separate occasions.

According to Bibigo’s website:

“Bibigo” is a Korean-English portmanteau from Korean bi-bi-da (to mix), and English “to-go”, blending quickly service and convenience with a bold new interpretation of Korean culinary tradition.

The culinary concept is the customer’s ability to customise their bibimbap with a selection of rice types, proteins and sauces.

Many dishes arrive with side servings of a clear bean sprout broth, a small stack of kimchi, tofu skins and asparagus. In the case of bibimbap dishes, two lettuce leaves rolled in a clear plastic tube are also included.

But what I really love about Bibigo’s bibimbap is how fresh their veggies are. There are no yellowed, limp or overcooked vegetables, which is a godsend especially when the wait time from order to having your meal presented at the table is only about 5 minutes.

Alanna of Macaron Hearts opted for the dolsot bibimbap (dolsot refers to the hot stone bowl) with barley and white rice, beef bulgogi and the green sesame dressing (SGD$16).

Hot Stone Bibimbap (Dolsot Bibimbap). SGD$ 16

I, on the other hand, went with the Bibigo Rice on both separate occasions: once with black rice (it’s firm and not as nutty as brown), pork and kokot (a spicy chilli sauce), and the other with the barley and white rice (really yummy and not as starchy as I expected it to be), beef and green sesame dressing.

Bibigo Rice. SGD$15

Black rice with pork and assortment of fresh vegetables

My bestie, Jenn had the squid and bean sprout stew (yummy), which is served with an egg cracked into a mug-sized hot stone bowl.

And the SO, who wasn’t very hungry, had the chives tofu dumplings. These dumplings are stuffed with tofu, chives and cucumber dices, so are incredibly light and healthy.

252 North Bridge Road, #B1-74
Raffles City Shopping Centre
Singapore 179103

Tel: +65 6336 4745
Open 7 days, 11:00 am – 10:00 pm

* Prices listed do not include local taxes.