Thai BBQ steamboat @ Golden Mile Complex, Singapore

The parentals mentioned Singapore has Little Bangkok and curious, I asked if they would take us there. It turned out the Golden Mile Complex (formerly known as Woh Hup Complex) now has many shops catering to those with a hankering for Thai food and products.

But one particular store caught my eye with their strange UFO steamboats and and several days later, I asked if we could try them out. Together with my sister and her fiance, we trooped down to stuff our faces silly.

We initially ordered two sets and were presented with two charcoal flame steamboats to share between 6 people.

Each set comes with a platter of large prawns, fish balls, liver, marinated pork and chicken, sausages, crabsticks, squid and an assortment of fresh vegetables, vermicelli, mushrooms and two eggs.

The staff also brought out a bowl of minced garlic, another of chopped chilli padi (bird’s eye) and several bowls of chilli sauce.

And it is the chilli sauce that is absolutely amazing! Power! My sister’s fiance (who is German) finished an entire bowl of the sauce to himself.

The meats are well marinated and tastes scrumptious. The shop gets really busy and is very popular with both locals and Thais. There was not a spare seat anywhere by the time we got started.

However the two Caucasians (the SO and the fiance) had really bad runs the next day. The SO even ran a slight fever, leaving both stuck at home to stay close to the bathroom. My sister’s fiance suffered 4 days of diarrhea. Since no one else in the family were afflicted, we suspect their Western stomachs are not accustomed to the food.

Golden Mile Complex,
5001 Beach Road, #01-87