Equinox Private Dining – a wedding food tasting

A food tasting with the chosen wedding reception venue is always a good idea. It gives the wedding couple a chance to taste their selected menus and work with the chef to fine tune the flavours, or make any changes.

Of course in most cases, the wedding couple also use it as an opportunity for both sides of the family to sit down to a meal and get to know each other prior to the busy day.

The sister and her fiance’s food tasting started out a little late, but the most annoying thing is with my healing post-procedure, I was not allowed most of the dishes – on account of the seafood.

Très annoying…

King Prawns Salad with mango salsa
Double Boiled Herbal Chicken Soup
with fish maw and sea cucumber
Sauteed scallops
with shimeji mushrooms, celery and gingko nuts

Steamed live soon hock with cherry tomato and bean curd
Braised baby abalone with lemon grass tong hoon
Golden fried rice with diced duck meat and pineapple

Yam paste with gingko nuts