The best way to have chicken rice

A lot can be said about the ‘best’ chicken rice. It is so iconic and deeply clutched to the Singaporean heart, locals are willing to travel all across the island nation to find the absolute best chicken rice.

Some might argue it is the chicken that makes the best chicken rice.
Others the chilli.
And then there are the rice enthusiasts.

When the SO first visited Singapore, chicken rice was one of the first meals I introduced to him. And while he worked in Singapore over 3 years, chicken rice became one of his top lunch choices. In fact, he even has a favorite chicken rice hawker stall too – Maxwell market. I personally prefer the one at Far East Plaza or Serangoon Garden.

To say chicken rice is one of his favorite Singapore meals is a gross understatement.

But whatever our favorite chicken rice stall choices, this is the best way to have chicken rice – slathered with thick syrupy black soy sauce and soaking in chilli sauce.


Do you have a favorite chicken rice joint? Or -gasp- do you not even like chicken rice?