Singapore Airlines inflight Oriental vegetarian meal

When we get the opportunity, the SO and I prefer to fly with Singapore Airlines.

The flights always leave on time.
The inflight entertainment system works and has some great upcoming films.
The service is excellent.

And the food has to be one of the best around.

However a colleague raved about the Singapore Airline’s oriental vegetarian meals, citing them as fresher and wonderfully tasty.

Vegetarian oriental meals (VOML) is one of the many religious meal options the airline offers and while my diet is not restricted, I was definitely game to give it a go. So on our trip to Singapore this week, my ticket came with a special meal request.

Fresh salad with herb vinaigrette dressingDinner roll with margarineFried rice with vegetables and a pumpkin, tofu and mushroom towerFresh fruit, including strawberries and melon

Yi-mein noodles

Verdict: My main VOML meal definitely looked better than the SO’s regular inflight meal (pork with vegetables) and it’s just as delicious as my previous SIA inflight meals. My 2nd meal was similar to the SO’s, with the exception his came with soy chicken pieces.

You don’t have choices with this meal option, but if I was on a restricted diet, I would definitely be happy to be served this.