Massive lychee love from Tomarata

I have a very weak spot for lychees.

When I was growing up in Singapore, these ping-pong ball sized fruit would only grace the island’s fruit shops once a year. When that time came around, I would pray my parents would bring home bundles of fresh lychees. Sitting in front of the telly with plastic bags balanced on our laps, gently squeezing the fruit to split the skin make fond childhood memories.

These days, lychees can be found almost all year round and yet, I don’t get to eat them as often as I’d like. They are still a rare treat and even rarer these days, as lychees seem particularly expensive and small here in Australia.

Now I have learnt lychees are grown here in Queensland! John and Kerry Pool run Tomarata, a lychee farm almost two hours drive from Brisbane city and we first met them at the Regional Flavours Festival not too long ago, and again at the EKKA.

Kerry poured out a generous sample of their lychee liqueur and I was hooked! The flavour was intense and full of fresh lychee goodness, not saccharin sweetness I’ve come to expect from most lychee flavoured products.

So I picked up the 3-jars for AUD$18 special: rosella jam (RRP AUD$8.50), lychee dessert sauce (RRP AUD$8.50) and the lychee sweet chilli sauce (hot) (RRP AUD$8.50).

For the chilli fanatics, the sweet chilli sauce is not hot at all. John stressed he really wanted the lychees to be the champion flavour and didn’t want to overpower the sauce with too much chilli, which is great for anyone with untrained chilli taste buds. Personally I would’ve liked more heat and will probably add more chopped chillies to serve with just about anything.

And my absolute favorite is their lychee liqueur (RRP AUD$30). I’ve been drizzling this stuff over almost every dessert, including fresh cut fruit and sponge cakes. Yum!

Tomarata thankfully take online orders. I doubt these bottles will last very long in our household.

95 Summit Road
PO Box 373
Pomona, QLD 4568

Tel: +61 7 5485 2733
Fax: 07 5485 2744
Mob: 0407 652 646
Email: [email protected]