A weekend in the kitchen

Well, sort of.

It’s been raining and a little chilly this weekend. And with a girlfriend flying in from Singapore, I thought staying home and being a little more domestic wouldn’t be a bad idea. So after washing and ironing two weeks of laundry (yes, I’m a terrible housewife), I got stuck in the kitchen.

I made my mother’s tomato sauce chicken stew, baked a sponge cake and made some pomelo and ginger jam.

The sponge is my first since high school and this is based on a Country Women’s Association recipe. We picked up over a kilo of fresh strawberries at the markets, so I cannot wait to put it together as a strawberry cream cake tomorrow night for my girlfriend. Hopefully it’ll taste as fantastic as it smells.

As for the pomelo jam, we had one too many fresh pomelos. Jam making is a bit of a lost art these days and I thought I might give it a go. The results aren’t too bad and they’ve set well enough, though I need some convincing on the flavour.

What have you been up to this weekend?

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