Review of Maggi’s Tender Roast Chicken with Mixed Herbs

I was given a packet of Maggi’s Tender Roast Chicken with Mixed Herbs in a fair goodie bag and it’s been lying in the pantry for awhile. I don’t make roast chicken very often and when I do, I like making stuffing for it. I love stuffing! Especially when there is dried apricot and it is moist with the chicken juices.

However there have recently been a number of advertisements on the telly of the Maggi’s Tender Roast series and Super Butcher had a deal on whole organic chickens ($7 each), so I picked one up to test the Maggi’s Tender Roast Chicken with Mixed Herbs.

What Is In A Packet of Maggi’s Tender Roast?

Inside the packet is a large paper sachet with the powder seasonings, a plastic bag (they’re more commonly known as an oven bag) and a bag tie.

I’ve obviously opened up the oven bag, but it arrived as a tiny square that’s been folded to the nth degree. Apparently it’s made of a heat resistant polyester material, that makes it crinkly and thin. I have never cooked with a bag like that before, so followed the instructions.

Preparing A Maggi’s Tender Roast Meal

Packet instructions are simple as 1-2-3:  preheat the oven at 200°C, throw together 1 kg of chicken and the contents of the seasonings satchet in the bag, prick the bag a couple of times and roast for 1 hour. Or for a more balanced meal, the pack back recommends adding vegetables and removing the chicken’s skin before cooking.

Isn’t this organic chicken an awesome steal at AUD$7, when it normally goes for AUD$13? I deconstructed the chicken to fit into the bag more easily.

Since the pack and the television ads assure you can cook vegetables in the bag too, I chopped up 2 medium potatoes and a carrot to throw in the bag as well.

Not a good idea.

Once the 1kg of chicken and the vegetables go in, the roasting bag is really full and it’s almost impossible to shake the seasoning evenly over the contents. It would’ve been easier for me to mix the entire lot in a large mixing bowl than in the bag, but I persevered and popped the bag on a baking tray into the oven to cook at the packet’s recommended 200°C for the next hour.

The Result

Not a pretty sight, hey?

When I started, one of my fears was cooking in the bag would just spell disaster. I had all these mental images of a chicken covered in melted plastic. While this wasn’t the case, the fact the bag burns, flakes and can stick to the chicken and vegetables just cements how much this makes me uncomfortable about serving this.

When I did a little research online, I found different cooking directions on the Maggi New Zealand website that states:

cooking instructions are not to exceed 200°C for conventional ovens or above 180°C for fan forced ovens, as anything above these temperatures may damage the bags

This information was not on the packet I had and I was not able to find it on the Australian Maggi website, so I am hoping Maggi’s Tender Roast packets have since changed to state the above since the packet I had was produced.

I spent some time carefully peeling back the burnt bits and tried the chicken. It was cooked well, staying moist and tender. The smell of it is amazing, but it didn’t quite deliver in taste. Perhaps this is because I added the vegetables and there wasn’t enough seasoning to go around.

Have you tried the Maggi’s Tender Roast and what were the cooking directions? Did you like it?