Lamb appreciation night at Super Butcher

Mel Kettle recently organised a lamb appreciation night with SuperButcher, a warehouse butcher with several outlets in Queensland. We have been visiting their Eagle Farm outlet regularly to stock up on our beef for several months now, even though our freezer is tiny.

The evening started with a quick introduction of the evening’s program before Les the butcher (and store manager) stuck into it – ‘it’ being the 2 of the 4 lamb carcasses hanging in the corner.

As Les worked through the animals to show us the various lamb cuts, he also talked about how they are best prepared and the price differences. There is lots of flavor in the hind parts, but the meat is tougher, so is better slow cooked.

Owner Andrew would also toss in facts about how the industry has evolved and the market prices for each cut at supermarkets.

The real kicker is they has also brought in a 3rd grade lamb especially for the evening to compare against the lamb they sell. The 3rd grade lamb looked a very sorry thing – more like a zombie carcass with bits missing or hanging off. Les and Andrew said whiter fat is an indication of better grade animal, but a butcher can dress a sheep to look like a lamb, so you have to trust your butcher.

By the end of it, the table was lined end-to-end with all the various lamb cuts and it wasn’t hard to see why some cuts cost more than others, especially if Frenching bones are involved.

A couple of us got a chance to roll up our sleeves (not too far up, seeing how cold it was) and have a go at Frenching a shank. It’s not as easy as Les makes it look, but it is definitely not as difficult as cookbooks make it out to be. The key step? Click here to find out!

Peter Galbraith from Vadals judged and the winner got to take home the easy carve roast.

Oh, and did I mention there were lamb samples served throughout the demonstration? My favorite were the spare ribs with rosemary and mint – they fell off the bone and were so yummy!

Oh, and we also had dinner too!

A big thank you to Mel Kettle and the guys at Superbutcher (Andrew, Warren, Les, Terry) for organising the lamb appreciation night.